Exact Match Domain: Do They Still work in 2020?

What is Exact Match Domain? How exact match domain (EMD) can affect the search rankings? How you can keep your’s EMD on the safe side of Google? How you can use EMD without incurring any penalty.

Well in this article I am going to answer all your question related to Exact Match Domain and also explain you How to make money using Exact Match Domain.

What is an Exact Match Domain (EMD)?

An exact match domain also known as EMD is a domain that includes the keywords we are targeting.

As a blogger, We know that having Keyword in our domain name gives us extra SEO advantage and that’s why most of us prefer using Keywords in our domain name when purchasing.

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Having a keyword in our domain name like bluehostcoupon.com, anykeywords.com, will help us to rank on the first page of google easily.

For example, we are having a Web Design Agency in Raipur, and we purchase exact match domain bestwebdesginraipur.com then chances of ranking google’s first page for the keyword “best web design agency in Raipur” is very high.

Basically an exact match domain is a domain that precisely matches a search term that will drive traffic to your website.

What is the problem with EMDs?

Most of the time, If your Domain URL exactly matches a search term then it could be considered as a sign of a spammy website.

For an instance, you are searching something on google and in the first page of google you find some results, after opening the link you came to know that the content on the site is nothing to do with your search query or you didn’t find that site useful because that site was full of spam links.

So, its Google duty to penalise such type of site, which are taking the wrong benefit of keywords.

Exact Match Domain Update: Do Exact Match Domains Work in 2020?

Google releases several Exact Match Domain update. In 2012, Google reduced the weight of EMDs in the search results, and in 2016 they went very strict for spammy exact match domains and they start penalising websites that were using EMDs as spam.

Here are some Exact Match Domain update from Google-

So, now google will penalise Exact-match domains with low-quality content, that means if you still want to work with EMD then your content should be of high quality as well as your website looks genuine.

How to stay safe from Exact match domain Penalty?

If you are working on seasonal stuff like Black Friday deals, New year or wishing sites or any other coupon related exact match domain blog then you may ask what to do now? Is there any way to recover from this penalty?

Then my answer is, you have to replan your strategy for your seasonal blogs. Better go with a partial match domain instead of exact match domain.

You can add any suffix or prefix in your keyword. For example, Blogging is the keyword you want to target then you can go for pixelblogging.com or bloggingpixel etc.

You can use domain name generator tool for getting domain name ideas related to your keyword. I generally use Lean Domain Search for generating domain name ideas.

How to make money with EMD?

So, here we came to the most controversial part of this topic can we make money using exact match domain? If yes, then will it is safe from Google?

As Google didn’t ban EMD completely so there is chance that you still want to use this for making money and there is nothing wrong with it, as many bloggers are still working with EMDs.

Well for the short term you can make money with EMDs……But if you are looking for the long term earnings, then you should always follow Google Updates regarding EMD and your content should be of high quality because Content is King after all.

So, here I will explain how you can safely use EMD and make money from it-

1. Getting keywords ideas from Google keyword planner

The very first step for choosing EMD is Getting keyword ideas from Google keyword planner.

Why Google keyword planner? Because maximum searches took place in Google search engine, then what is a better option other than Google itself.

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Enter any keyword of your choice which you want to target, For this tutorial I am taking “Affiliate marketing” as my keyword.

2. Copy keyword from Results

Now you will see 100 keywords(Google keyword planner only shows the top 100 results) with their search volumes.

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Now copy all keywords from the results or Copy only those keywords which are having high search volume.

I prefer Keywords with high search volumes.

3. Use Space Remover Tool for removing space between Keywords

After coping all keywords go to any space remover tool and paste your copied keywords. I use Miniweb Tool for removing space between keywords in this tutorial.

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After pasting your keywords just click on the “Remove Space” button.

Why this step is necessary? If you don’t remove space between any keyword then each word act as a keyword in domain search.

If I don’t remove space between “Affiliate Marketing” then Affiliate and Marketing both acts as a keyword and when I will search domain name for this keyword then it is nearly impossible to get that domain name available for purchase.

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After that click on “Copy Results” and all keywords with removed space will be copied to your clipboard.

4. Search for Domain avaibility

Now we are going to search that, is domain name available for our keywords or not?

For this go to any Domain registrar of your choice where you prefer to buy Domain name, but that Domain registrar must support Bulk domain name search.

Most of my domain name is from Name Cheap. I prefer NameCheap because-

  • It supports Bulk Domain Name Search
  • It is cheaper than other
  • Namecheap provides free Domain privacy / Whois Guard

So, now go to NameCheap and click on “Beast Mode”

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Now just paste your copied keywords in NameCheap domain search box.

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5. Prefer TLD for better ranking

Always go with .com, .net, .in or any TLD only for better ranking in Google. Try to avoid .mobi, .site etc type of TLD. If your exact match domain available with .org then you can go with it but prefer .com, .net, .in etc.

6. Choose EMD of your Choice

After Clicking on Generate you will find lots of exact match domain with different different TLD.

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Here in the image, For our keyword, we are getting 3300+ domain name which are Exact Match Domain and available for purchase.

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7. Book your EMD and Start working with it

Now search for such domain name which is not too long and also search volume for that keyword is High in Google Keyword Planner.

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After proper researching book domain of your choice and start working on it. Make a blog with purchased EMD and Make Money from it.

Over to you:

As I already told you that Google is strict with Exact Match Domain site with low-quality content, So, for better ranking on Google, work hard with your EMD site, and take advantage of EMD you recently purchased. And always remember Content is King.

You find this guide helpful then share it with your friends.

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