5+ Best Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Most of us use Google Chrome to surf the internet or to explore the web world. In fact, Google Chrome is the most used browser even though it eats lots of RAM. What if you can make your browser more than just a browser. Yes, you can easily do it just by adding some Google Chrome Extensions to your browser which is easily available in the chrome web store.

By using these chrome extension you can complete your task even faster & you can effectively increase your productivity.

I am sharing some of google chrome extensions which I am personally using and you can easily download all of them from chrome web store for free.

Here are some Best Chrome extensions for increasing Productivity-

1. Grammarly

I think Grammarly is a must-have tool for every person who is writing articles in English.

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I personally like this tool because it makes my writing mistake-free as English is not my first language.

2. Hunter

Ever happened to you that you visited any site and want to contact the owner but don’t want to send a message via contact form and you start looking for the owner’s email id on their about page, contact page. It’s Time taking, right?

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Just visit any site and click on this extension and you will find all email address related to that particular website. You can also export email address to a file.

3. Fireshot

You are like me who never finish an article in one go because that was long enough or suddenly you remember important tasks to do? In such a situation what I do is capture the whole article and save that in pdf form and upload it to google drive or dropbox and read later whenever I am free.

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Fireshot is the tool that I generally use to take screenshots of the entire page which I am browsing. You can capture entire web pages to PDF, JPEG or PNG files. You can also print it or copy it to the clipboard.

4. Session box

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Actually, I love this extension. It allows you to manage a site with multiple accounts at the same time, you can log in to the same sites with different accounts simultaneously.

5. Video Speed Controller

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Well, the name explains itself, by using it you can change the speed of videos on any website just like YouTube.

We all want to watch some portion of the video at slow speed and some time in fast mode, with youtube it is ok but what when you are watching videos on Facebook or Twitter as there is no such feature.

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Then this tool becomes a saviour in such a situation, you can easily control the speed of video you are watching.

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This is helpful if you usually watch Facebook, Twitter or Instagram videos. You can even use keyboard shortcuts to control the speed.

6. Word Counter Plus

This extension is best for you if you are a blogger or a content writer or even a student who needs to track how many words you write in your article or project.

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This tool displays the no. of words or characters are there in the selected text. You can do so with any text on any website or files such as pdf, word or text file.

7. Glnfinity

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This extension basically gives Infinite scroll for Google search, by using it you don’t need to move from page 1 to page 2.

This becomes handy when your search doesn’t end in a single page and you need to move the 2nd or 3rd page.


I share some Best Google Chrome Extensions and I believe you find it useful. Trust me, many of them will save a lot of your time and make it easier as well as faster to get your work done.

What are you waiting for just go to the chrome web store and download your favourite chrome extension.

And also share in the comment section, which one of these Chrome Extension do you find helpful & heard for the first time?

And Also tell me, if you are using any extensions which I didn’t mention in this article. I’ll try it and if found helpful then I will add it to the post and give you credit.

Waiting for your comments and also share this post with your dear once, sharing is caring after all.

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